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Nursery Toddling – 2 years (Kingfishers)

The main difference between Nuthatches and Kingfishers is that they are walking, becoming more confident and independent.  They like to spend time playing with the older children both indoors and outdoors, and joining in with some of their activities.  This helps them to further develop their own self confidence.

At meal times, by now pureed food is has been replaced by fork mashed food and when ready they sit at the specially provided low tables and chairs in the lunch room with the older children to eat.

The Key persons continue to plan activities in the three Prime Areas with a wide variety of planned activities and accessible resources for the children to make own choices, developing sharing skills, their language is further developed through books and traditional rhymes and songs.  Small world & Role play all important in the development of Language and Communication, and Craft activities where lots of mess and fun all take place.

All these activities are key to their Personal, Social and Emotional development.   During the transition period between Nuthatches and Kingfishers the key worker will provide a busy day sheet, similar to the daily diary book.  It is also at this time when the practitioners will complete each child’s 2 year check, a copy of this will be given to you to share with your Health Visitor and any other setting your child attends.

With a key focus to outdoor play, the children will spend most of the day outside in the garden, field or the forest where all of these activities will take place outside on a much bigger scale, using chunky chalk, large brushes etc. for mark making.  Balance beams and climbing frames, bikes, ball games, parachute games, field games and forest walks which are important for Physical development.