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Nursery 2–3 years (Robins)

With Robins we are continuing to develop from Kingfishers, practitioners follow their individual interests and begin to incorporate the Specific areas of learning.  At this age the children are becoming more independent in their personal and development, which we encourage through self-dressing eg; putting on coats, boots etc., to go outside, self-serving during snack.  They also begin to make choices in their social groups.

With all the groups we base our learning through play, spending most of our day outside for our daily activities.  We have a high standard of equipment which helps to develop language, early concepts of number, colour and shape.  There are role play areas for dressing up and cosy corners for quieter activities such as stories and games to encourage concentration and imagination.  We celebrate festivals, and invite people from the community around us to share their expertise, along with our dual language parents, who are coming in to share their language with us.

 The Key Person of each child will follow the individual child’s development and interest, using this to inform their planning.  Our daily routine offers a fun filled day where children make full use of our facilities both indoor and out in our free flow environment.  There will be a quieter resting period for children who still need a sleep or just time to rest.

We are now able to offer 15 hours of flexible term time grant funding for some two year olds.